Custom-made productionIn the field of contract manufacturing, we provide our customers with complete service from product development to its dispatch.

Custom-made production

We are ready to provide you with complete services in the modern facilities of our manufacturing plant. Not only can we manufacture the products, but we also secure for you  the development and the design of the product and i subsequent analyses, that are connected with releasing the product for distribution.

What products do we manufacture?

More can be found in the section of the same name, but for starters we can say that we specialize in liquid, gel, suspension and emulsion products that we are able to fill into more than 10 types of packaging.  

We fill into more than 10 types of different packaging.

Types of products according to their classification:

  • medical devices
  • human pharmaceuticals in nonsterile form
  • veterinary pharmaceuticals, veterinary preparations and veterinary technical devices
  • cosmetics preparation
  • technical devices and biocides

Example from production

From idea to implementation

Our company offers complete services from a concept, an idea to its implementation. Do you have an idea and you are not sure whether it can be used in practice? Contact us and we will suggest a suitable solution for your needs.

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