Aveflor team decided to support Prague City Swim and ALS patients

On Saturday, 18.6.2022, the 4th annual Prague City Swim, organized by the non-profit organization Alsa to support patients with ALS - amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, took place on Střelecký ostrov in Prague.
Two six-member teams of Aveflor competed against other teams on the Vltava River in a megaboard race. "Unconventional teambuilding for a good cause seemed like a great idea to us," says company director Jan Zubatý, who also actively participated in the race. "Although most of us had never stood on a paddleboard, we enjoyed sailing on the Vltava River. And not only that, but also the great atmosphere of the whole event and the good feeling that we could support patients with this disease," adds the company director.
World ALS Day was set for 21st June to coincide with the summer solstice - as a symbolic expression of the turnaround and progress in the search for a cause and a cure.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a neurological disease causing progressive degeneration of the cells that control muscle mobility. Sufferers gradually lose all movement on their bodies, eventually they are left with only eye movements while the brain functions normally. For example, the famous astrophysicist and author Steven W. Hawking suffered from this incurable disease, which confined him to an electric wheelchair for more than four decades. There is no cure, nor are the causes of the disease known. Last year, Czech scientists set out to find them.
Prague City Swim - tým AVEFLORu

04/2022: Installation of new Spectrum line

We are pleased to announce to our customers and contractors that we have installed a new Spectrum automatic filling line from company Imaco. This line will be used to fill small volume jars/bottles and airless dispensers with volumes from 3ml to 75ml. The line is currently undergoing process qualification followed by process validation. Below you can see a video of the installation of this line.

04/2022: New office building

After a year of renovation, a new administration building was put into operation and started to serve as a back office for the sales and economic department and the quality assurance department. The new building is located on the company premises and is intended to be barrier-free. This refurbishment will also allow us to expand the development team, which has gained space in the existing administration area.

New offices

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