Certificates and authorisationsWe are holders of the Good Manufacturing Practice certificate (GMP) and the ISO 13485 certificate for medical device manufacture. But not only of these. Learn more on this page.

Certificates and authorisations

The company management strives for achieving lasting mutual trust between the company and its partners, as well as the feeling of joint responsibility of all employees for the quality of products. Therefore, the company emphasises the quality of production, control and processes associated with all stages of the product, from development to the final dispatch of products.

For this purpose, the company has implemented an integrated quality management system complying with the provisions of the International Standard ISO 9001:2015.

Requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), requirements of standards for medical devices (ISO 13485), the environment (ISO 14001) and for occupational health and safety (ISO 45 001) are incorporated in the basic standard.

The company holds certificates in accordance with the following standards:

    • Authorisation for the manufacture of veterinary medicinal products;
    • GMP for veterinary products: Permission to manufacture veterinary drugs;
    • ISO 13 485 ed.2:2016: Medical Devices Quality Managements Systems;
    • ISO 9001:2015: Quality Managements Systems;
    • ISO 14001:2015: Environmental managements systems;
    • ISO 45001:2018: Occupational health and safety management systems;
    • ISO 22716:2008: Cosmetics - Good Manufacturing Practice. 

Certificates of the company

Certificate 13485 2015 EN ITCCertificate 14001 2015 ENCertificate 18001 2015 ENCertificate 22716 2015 ENCertificate 9001 2015 ENGMP Certificate 2015 (veterinary medicinal products) CZ_ENG_Page_1GMP Certificate 2015 (veterinary medicinal products) CZ_ENG_Page_2

The integrated quality management system is continuously being developed and its function, efficiency and effectiveness are regularly reviewed by internal audits, audits of contractual customers, inspections of GMP state authorities and  independent certifying organizations.

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