About usWe are a family company owned by purely Czech capital.

About us

AVEFLOR is a family company owned by purely Czech capital. It is located on the border of Bohemian Paradise about 65 km from Prague in the picturesque village of Budčeves (Jičín District).

AVEFLOR is a production and sales company, which has more than twenty years of experience on the Czech and foreign markets. It focuses on the sale and manufacture of medical devices, pharmaceuticals (veterinary and human), cosmetics and to a limited extent also technical products. This mainly concerns production, filling aerosol products (sprays), emulsions, gels everything in  a non-sterile form.

The products are filled into different packaging forms: sprays, BoV aerosols, tubes, airless dispensers, glasses, plastic bottles, pens and others.

Over the past twenty years we have seen significant growth:
  • from 15 associates in 1998 to 100 in 2016
  • from 30 items in the assortment to more than 400 items
  • from a turnover of CZK 20 million in 1996 to CZK 140 million in 2015
Zasedacka_horni_IAVEFLOR view of the company's warehouseAVEFLOR - cleanrooms, personal entryAVEFLOR - cleanrooms, filling tubesAVEFLOR view of the old buildingAVEFLOR view of the old building - side entranceZasedacka_kulata_IIAVEFLOR view of the new buildingZasedacka_kulata_I

We are a company:

  • Stable with a long tradition of more than twenty years on the market
  • With fast decision-making processes
  • With a broad product portfolio and production possibilities
  • Focused on quality, we are holders ofquality certificates
  • With our own manufacturing premises and warehouses under the GMP (regime)
  • With our own developmentdepartment
  • Offering above-standard services to customers
  • With a turnover of CZK 145 million (5,7 million EUR) in 2016
  • With 100 employees
  • With an annual production of around 6 million pieces
  • Where 70% are exports and 30 % remain in the CR

We would like to be:

  • An important player on the market for medical devices
  • A company with a growing proportion of medicines
  • A company with its own modern analytical and microbiological laboratory
  • Getting closer to our customers with high quality and flexible pre-production and post-production services
  • A company offering and manufacturing innovative/modern products with respect to the environment

Would you like to learn more about us and our possibilities?

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Ing. Jan Zubatý
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